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Geodome Mapping at CAMPX XX

Call of the artists

Are you ready for an online collaboration of projection mapping  on a 11.3m / 32ft high geodesic dome at CAMP XX at Burning Man?






We light the light inside our souls and shine directly into the sky, so that it would give people warmth.


The surface cover of the dome is to reflect light to create visual treat at night for the audience of BRC. We convey stories with our light, for each person who passes and see the projections,  identifies with himself/herself through the mapping, a creative process of several artists. Imagine, our sphere with diameter of 20 meters and 10 meters in height, as a huge canvas for showcasing art.

Through this visual project, we prepare a workspace for artists, which means that everyone can express themselves. We allocate 4-hour volunteer work for each artist at night from 20:00 to 00:00 and 00:00 to 04:00.

We call out to all visual artists who like to be the center of attention at our nightly events,  who love to create spectacularly, who want to present their work to all the inhabitants of the city of Black Rock City and who enjoy doing it passionately.

The project has been taking shape over last few years and after few years of burn experience, we are ready to bring our project at its scale with the visual stimuli. We are looking for you to transmit your feelings and your mood through the rays of projectors, from monitors combined with sound, creating an audio & visual journey. A story that will make the heart beat with the rhythm of the city. A space for visual artists to collaborate, to express feelings and their talent for 7 nights. Each artist brings a piece of himself, an element of his creation. We provide canvas, and the artist bring their interpretation.



Sacred Geometry

Liquid Metal


Black & White



Keep the projector clean and cool because of dust and heat.  Fortunately, we only use them at night, when the temperature in the desert drops – this is a great bonus.

The Arch where we shall place the projectors, will provides an ideal workplace and overview for mapping artists.


It is an online collaboration to begin.  We love working remotely, oh, how we love the 21st century! We will always answer and analyze your proposals for collaboration, just contact us, you can be an artist for one evening, or you can become part of our team and go to the desert with us. We shall definitely share videos and pictures from the playa or come play if for yourself. We will consider your letter and after approval we will contact you for a constructive dialogue.

For visual artists who use the work of other artists or do it all themselves. If you want to work with us in the desert and beyond, send a mixtape of your work to us by e-mail: a letter to with the subject “Project mapping from %your_name%“.

If you are beginner and interested, you have only drawn on the iPad and feel your work fits on a geodesic dome,  you feel you have the potential and want the whole world to know about your work – contact us by e-mail, tell us about your ideas, show us your work, and we will show them to our dusty world . Send them at with the subject “Project_PIC_for_mapping“.

When I see how everything passes through dust, the impression is that magic is everywhere, lasers cut clouds of dust, and a visual picture creates drawings on…

Let’s do it together!