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Let’s talk about things you can’t be without neither day nor night.
Getting to Burning Man I want to use all my feelings.
Our eyes are a guide to this world, the soul observes the magnificence of what is happening around through the eyes.
Therefore, we need to create maximum comfort for our eyes. And that is why glasses are one of the most important accessories in the desert.
First of all, it should be comfortable, nothing should get tired or hurt of them.
Next, the glasses should carry a protective function from the sun, dust and wind. Therefore, it should not get off during fast and furious dancing, fun cycling or sandstorm, which can be accompanied by a strong wind.
Finally, glasses must be a part of your image, an extension of you.
Also, let’s not forget that dust and wind can rise even in the dark and it means that you need glasses in which you can comfortably continue your adventures at night.
My personal choice is glasses designed for ski resorts.
A snowboard mask is a great combination of protection and comfort. There is a great variety of them; they are not hot, they are difficult to lose and even there are excellent options with interchangeable glasses – dark for bright sun and transparent or yellow for the soft light of the moon.
From such a mask you can easily make a chic accessory that fits any image, decorate it with rhinestones, sequins, crystals, and maybe even a beautiful fabric, everything is limited only by your imagination.

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