The most frequently asked question: How many members would you like to be in the camp?

We expect approximately 50 people in 2019. We believe that camp is a family where everyone knows each other by name and there are no awkward moments such as “Hey you!”.

We’d like each member to feel comfy and have a one’s own private space.

The next important question: What about water?

Obviously it’s one of the first thing coming into your mind when you think about a week in a desert.

There will be 4 tanks, i.e. 4 tons of water onsite. On average 60 litres per person will be brought, which is 5 litres per person per day plus 25-35 litres for other unexpected needs. Also we took into account reserve for the early birds coming to build the camp and for those who will stay for demount. It’s rather to stay with overflow in a desert than to dry out last days!

It’s a theme camp, what is the theme?

We posture ourselves as modern hippies. What does it mean for us: modern hippies are people who cherish peace and harmony, nature and environment, who bring love for all beings but at the same time they are in tune with nowadays time and reality, savvy in music and art; and are keen on new pure knowledge and experience.

Our camp immersed in love and kindness and filled with subtle fragrances of Asia – the place so much adored by hippies even now – carries the heritage and culture of the East.

What useful can you give to the Black Rock city?

At the daytime everyone can become an artist – just take the brush and join other members on the big canvas which is one of the camp’s entertainments.

We also would love you to try very interesting practice for your mind, body and soul – Sadhu board / Bed of nails. More info gonna come soon, so stay in touch!

And at the evening time any Black Rock city citizen can enjoy hot and tasty Momo dinner – the best recovery for a tired wayfarer before the night festivities.

Do you have any requirements for becoming a member of your family?

We open out our arms for all the layers of society – virgins and experienced burners, elderly and young, funny and artistic, creators and constructors…

As long as you follow 10 principles, share our camp’s theme and vision and contribute.

You must have a ticket or funds for the purchase, transportation to and from the Black Rock City, basic knowledge of where you are going and how to survive in the desert.

So how can I become a part of your family?

You should fill the form contains three parts to become our member:

1. General information
2. Agreement on the absence of traces
3. Personal Responsibility Agreement

Contact us in any way you prefer to get more info!