Our camp immersed in love and kindness and filled with subtle fragrances of Asia – carries the heritage and culture of the East

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Magic Momo

Delicious Handmade combination of russian and indian kitchen

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If you decide to join our family


We promote standing on the nails as a spiritual practice

Who we are?

We are a group of young ambitious guys and we know how to organize a great vacation, and this year we are going to the Burning Man with our camp!

We posture ourselves as modern hippies. Probably, there is no secret for anyone what does this notion mean, but we will remind it just in case.

According to one of the etymological versions, the word “Hippie” comes from the colloquial word hip/hep – aware, in the know.

Make love, not war Give Peace A Chance
Hell No, We Won’t Go! All You Need Is Love!

We offer you to build a safe haven for a tired wayfarer, a small island of dreams permeated with the spirit of the East together.

What do we put in the concept of modern hippie – a human in tune with nowadays time and reality, savvy in music and art; but being in such harsh conditions of the modern society, he is able to save or even grow a comprehensive love for all beings and harmony with all the nature and environment.

We want to share our overwhelming love, show you my dear friend the practices which will lead you to the harmony of mind and body, how to fill yourself with love, how to become a family with people you see for the first time for a whole week.

You are a warrior of light, you know 10 principles, you are aware, you believe in peace and love, you want full immersion, you like to make stuff by your hands, you want to be a part of a large family and share your love with it? Then our camp is a part of you!

Join us!

Our camp reflects our culture. It’s full of music lovers, alternative models, creators, crazy designers, off-beat artists, talented performers and woozy cookers

We are glad to see everyone who want to make a contribution to camp organization or just to have fun with us at the most ambitious, vivid and memorable event of our time!

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Magic momo

Hand made momo

Delicious combination of the best of Indian, Russian and Nepal cuisines. We provide two options: Vegetarian momo – interesting combination of dough and vegetables and The Meat One - with Aromatic minced beef with finely chopped and roasted onion inside the dough ball. All this is served with hot flavorful broth

enjoy your food

outside or get inside of our cozy chillout; don’t forget to leave your dusty boots before entering so then you can enjoy the light of colourful lightbulbs and get comfy on the mattresses. Indian art of some crazy man is now hanging on the walls and flowing in soft illumination; these scarfs have crossed the Indian ocean and are in a black rock desert now


as soon as the fireball sneaks behind the horizon, we will go home to warm up our cauldrons to get everything ready by 20:00 and treat you with a hot dinner accompanied with unforgettable chill-out music

Leaving no trace

Put your wooden chopsticks in the special box and wash your dish after you are done. We don’t use plastic and we don’t want any additional garbage to be produced

something for a drink

Will we have booze?.. Hmmm… let me think… We don’t know for sure but we'll gonna dance for sure! We go to see the sunset on the playa all together, so we'll be waiting for you right after that

give yourself a rest

We offer you to try our momos 4 times a week: from tuesday till friday. What we'll serve the rest of the week – will remain our little secret. Our beautiful hands will rest On Sunday

Nails & Desks

Fire board, sadhu board, yoga desk – Board with nails has many names but same principle – equal even nails arranged in parallel rows at the same distance from each other. The distance between the nails can differ from 0.5 cm to 2.5 cm. Everyone who stands on these nails gets their own unique experience.

spiritual practice

When a person stands on nails, he fully reveals oneself. Feelings become aggravated and laid bare. Knots and blocks get release both at the level of body and mind. The whole system of a person purifies, reboot and focus on the initial goal takes place.

We have 70000 nerve-endings on our feet. The entire nervous system including the brain comes to the hypertonus while standing on nails. If you stand on the board with a clearly stated goal, intention or request and keep focusing on it, the movement towards this goal is getting greatly accelerated after you step out from the nails.