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Camp XX is a theme camp. For the complete immersion we recommend to stick to one costumes style for all the members of our family, being inside the camp itself, participating in mo-mo distribution, art interaction or helping in standing on the nails.

When you do not participate in camp’s business and do not work in it – you can wear whatever you want.
Btw, this is the most of the time.

Let’s discuss what our style is and what kind of clothes can help to create it. As it was written before we position ourselves as modern hippies, emphasize the word “modern”. There is no need to remember how the hippies of 60-70th looked like, we don’t want to copy them, but we still want to preserve the essence. In our costumes we follow the style of boho or boho chic. Let us indulge in a little history of Bohemians (French) – originates from Boheme, simply put, are tent show chaps and gypsies-travelers. Later the word “Boheme” became a household name: that’s how people begun to talk about artists, the same artistic and free people as gypsies.

The look in boho style is a piece of art: created from fabrics different in color, texture and ornament, made of laces, color threads and ribbons. You can safely combine lace and thin fabrics. Textures are also your hat. Rag and rough fabrics – is what you need. Cotton and linen stuff – are the clothes which is good for the body, it makes you want to touch it, to hug its owner. Handcraft – the one and the only. That’s the way boho style stuff should is supposed to be. To create your appearance use at least the hand made parts.

Stuff for your look:

1. Comfort tunic or blouse , can be combined with volume jewelry, underwear and bikini.









2. Long skirt, can be transparent or made from light fabric , with cuts from the very hips, which will demonstrate your legs so tempting, fluttering on the wind.









3. For men – comfort pants, of Ali Baba or Aladdin style, made of thin natural fabric









4. Jacket will match anything whether it is naked body or beautiful underwear, or maybe fluttering dress , also possible for males.









5. Handmade jewelry – they should be large and should embody ethnic style









Voluminous scarves, large wraps and shawls with fringe will make prettier both boys and girls. Robes and capes, probably made of scarves and shawls again will make prettier both boys and girls.

Boho is not just a style but also is a way of self-expression. Complete your appearance with the pieces(details) made by your hands or our hands. And it is better to wear the clothes which are comfortable for you. In all variety of the style you will definitely find the one which will make you feel comfortable, sexy and irresistible.

! Remember that brands are in appropriate anywhere, and if you have them in your clothes – please try to cut or remove them.

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It might be very cold in the night time, sometimes the temperature can go down to 0 degrees. Please make sure you have some warm clothes to wear.

Your fur coat can also be in boho style, or you can decorate your look with a large scarf.