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Burning Man… Is it worth it?

Let’s dot the i’s and cross the t’s: Burning Man is not a festival, it’s not another party or a place where you come so fancy dressed and get everything what your heart desires… No doubt the beauty is breathtaking there, sometimes you just think that all of the beautiful people from all over the world are exiled to the Burning Man. Dreams really come true there… but…. There are some points worth paying attention to.
We will omit the fact that buying the ticket is a lottery itself)

Burning Man is an utopian society built in harsh environments; it is not a luxury pool party with tiled floors and a cool shower. This is a dusty hot desert with no water at all and that Mirage with palm trees and a blue poster is just the scenery of someone’s camp. If you can’t imagine being dusty all day and all night, drinking from a dusty mug strapped with a carbin to your belt, putting a used napkin back in your bag or you don’t like the idea of sharing a toilet with another 60,000 people… Then this game is probably not worth it for you.

Some say that there were people who came and got disappointed by Burning Man. But we haven’t met even one yet))

If all of the above did not scare you, if you are not afraid to wear the dust instead of clothes always and everywhere, if you can imagine how does it feel when the temperature drops from 40 degrees to 0.
If the world where everything and even more is possible does not seem wild to you, if you are ready to break the boundaries in your head, plunge headlong into the dust and the rules of the Black Rock city – then go ahead to play! After all, Burning man is a whole culture, a culture that is not limited to a week on the playa, a culture that will remain with you even after your return to the default world.